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Copyright Infringement Lawyer

At Saunders Law, our copyright infringement lawyers are experts in advising and representing both individuals and businesses involved in a copyright infringement dispute.

We understand exactly how damaging it can be if your copyright has been infringed, especially as it can often be one of the most valuable assets in your possession. Equally, if you have been accused of copyright infringement, the reputational damage that such an indictment can have, cannot be underestimated.

Our copyright infringement lawyers in London have established an excellent reputation for our work in this area and are well known for our ability to uphold our client’s interests and fight their corner when a copyright infringement matter progresses to the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court.

While we will typically look to resolve copyright infringement disputes via methods of negotiation, if litigation is the only step forward to achieve a positive result, we will deploy a robust yet discrete approach to achieve this.

Operating from offices in the City of London, our copyright infringement solicitors also have a wide range of expertise in wider copyright matters.

Find out more about the team, its teams and its typical work by taking a look at our clients.

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Why work with our copyright infringement lawyers?

More than 40 years’ experience

At Saunders Law, we have over 40 years of experience and expertise, which we use to advise and represent our clients in copyright infringement cases. We always make sure to carefully consider how reputational issues may play a role in proceedings when providing advice on these matters, which means that we hold an excellent track record of successfully protecting our client’s interests.

Independently recognised expertise

Our lawyers for copyright infringement have been independently recognised for our market-leading expertise, with strong rankings in highly respected client guides, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

Commercially minded approach to match our clients’ priorities

No matter what the circumstances of an individual case may be, we carefully organise and plan our strategy and advice around our client’s priorities to reach a positive outcome. We have strong skills in both out of court settlements and litigation for copyright infringement. This means that we are able to take the most appropriate approach based on your specific needs.

Exceptional personal service & client satisfaction

Our copyright infringement lawyers are proud to always provide an exceptional service to all of our clients. Our clients will always receive a call back the same day after submitting an enquiry and will be able to speak to one of our partners whenever required. We consistently achieve excellent feedback from our clients.

Examples of our successful copyright infringement work

  • Acting on behalf of a global public sector strategy consultancy against copyright infringers in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Advising a crypto currency as to the enforcement of its IP rights and the resolution of litigation surrounding a funding white paper.
  • Advising a London-Turkish joint venture technology start-up in respect of its IP rights in the dissolution of a ‘blockchain’ technology platform venture.
  • Acting for a UK based software company against a leading US bank in a copyright and database rights infringement claim concerning the creation of bespoke and highly complex financial analytical software.

Our copyright infringement expertise

Bringing claims of copyright infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when an individual or organisation copies, distributes, adapts, monetises or performs a piece of copyrighted work without the consent or permission of the owner.

If you have reason to believe that your copyright has been infringed, our team can work alongside you to establish your position and advise you in relation to the next steps that need to be taken. The approach taken will vary depending on the type of copyrighted work and how it has been used, which means that the advice and support we provide will be carefully tailored to each individual situation.

In these situations, our copyright infringement solicitors will be able to negotiate with the party or parties who are responsible for breaching your copyright infringement, setting out your position and what needs to be done to reach a settlement out of court.

However, if your copyright has been infringed and an out of court settlement cannot be reached, we can work alongside you to issue proceedings in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court, or build an effective case that can be used to take alternative enforcement action.

Defending claims of copyright infringement

You may have used a piece of copyrighted material in the belief that this was under fair dealing. However, if another party is willing to take enforcement action against you if they believe that you have unfairly used their copyright, our team can step in to analyse and address the particulars of a claim, ensuring your rights are protected.

Our lawyers for copyright infringement will be able to evaluate whether a copyright claim has been properly made and whether the presence of copyright assignments or license agreements has an impact on whether the use of copyright is acceptable.

Seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity is essential at this point, especially as this will help to maximise the potential of reaching a favourable outcome.

Frequently asked questions about copyright infringement

What is considered copyright infringement in the UK?

In simple terms, copyright infringement in the UK typically involves someone using the whole or a substantial part of an individual or organisation’s work without their permission.

Work that is subject to copyright includes:

  • Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work
  • Non-literary work such as software and web content
  • Sound and music recordings
  • Film and television recordings
  • Broadcasts
  • The layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works

If this work is copied, distributed, adapted, monetised or performed without the permission of the copyright holder, either intentionally or unintentionally, this can amount to copyright infringement.

Is infringement of copyright a crime?

Copyright infringement is usually treated as a civil offence. However, certain uses of copyright can amount to a criminal offence, particularly cases of deliberate infringement on a commercial scale.

What happens if you infringe copyright in the UK?

Any individual or business found guilty of infringing copyright law is liable to face legal action.

If a matter is treated as a civil offence, the two parties may engage in negotiations to reach a settlement, or enforcement action may be taken through the intellectual Property and Enterprise Court.

If the copyright infringement is considered to be a criminal offence, this could potentially lead to a fine or imprisonment, depending on the severity of the case.

How Do You Prove Copyright Infringement?

Being able to prove that copyright infringement has taken place will rely on various evidence. As copyright is automatically granted, this means that it will be necessary to refer to the following:

  • A copy of the infringing work – this is important if it can be shown the infringing party changes the content in an attempt to dispute the claim
  • A copy of your own work – this can be compared to the infringed version
  • Details of an assignment or licence agreement.

Speak to our copyright infringement lawyers in London

For expert assistance with copyright infringements, or any related other areas of copyright law, contact Saunders Law today for a free, no obligation initial discussion of how we may be able to help.

Call us on 020 7632 4300 or make an enquiry online.