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Civil Litigation Solicitors

Our team of expert lawyers, based in London, help clients with different legal problems every day.

Saunders Law is a niche litigation practice which supports and represents individuals with a wide variety of complex and often high profile legal issues.

Our civil litigation solicitors are recognised market-leading specialists in their areas of practice. Known for our responsiveness, proactivity and dedication to our clients, we have a strong track record of producing positive results as swiftly and cost effectively as possible. We can provide legal advice and help on various areas such as:

Saunders Law – expert litigation services for individuals

At Saunders Law, we are dedicated to protecting and enforcing our clients’ rights. We are well-known for our advocacy skills and tirelessly fighting our clients’ corners.

Operating from offices facing the High Court in central London, we’re also ideally located to guide civil claims through the courts.

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Why Saunders Law is the smart choice for individuals involved in legal disputes

Independently recognised expertise

Our litigation and dispute resolution solicitors have been independently recognised for our legal expertise with strong rankings in prestigious client guides, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team is led by Matthew Purcell, who has specialised in litigation his entire career. Matthew’s particular areas of expertise include professional discipline, representing professionals such as lawyers and doctors facing regulatory difficulties. Matthew has a range of other niche expertise, including media law and Privy Council appeals.

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Seeking early resolutions; protecting reputations

Many of our clients occupy high profile positions in their personal, public and professional lives and we appreciate the impact a protracted dispute can have. We take decisive and strategic action to strengthen our clients’ positions and draw disputes to efficient conclusions.

Our team includes experts in niche areas of law such as media law, reputation and defamation, meaning we are well equipped to advise on reputation management and take all possible steps to resolve disputes quietly and privately.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Wherever possible, we help clients resolve their disputes through methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Such methods can be effective for bringing disputes to a close without the need to go through formal court proceedings. As well as saving time and costs, avoiding court means the dispute can be kept private.

ADR methods include informal negotiations, mediation and arbitration. All carry their own advantages depending on the circumstances of the case. We can advise on the available options and provide advice about how to proceed.

Our team are also skilled litigators and qualified higher court advocates with substantial experience representing clients at all court levels, including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Find out more about our Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

Providing exceptional client care

We work tirelessly for our clients and take pride in our consistent levels of high quality service and support. Clients can always expect to receive a call back to their enquiry the same day or next working day. As a partner-led and experienced team, our clients will always be able to speak to an expert about the progress of their case and any concerns they may have. As a result, we are proud to consistently achieve excellent feedback from our clients.

Our dispute resolution and litigation solicitors’ expertise

High-value debt recovery

Our debt recovery solicitors in London specialise in helping individuals chase customers, clients, companies and other debtors in relation to unpaid debts.

We offer a bespoke service which is carefully tailored to the needs of each individual client. As a result, we only specialise in high-value debt recovery claims exceeding £100,000 and have substantial experience assisting with debts exceeding £250,000.

Our debt collection specialists provide a broad range of services, engaging diverse strategies to give our clients the best possible chance of achieving a positive outcome while resolving the matter cost effectively.

Our strategies include serving letters before action and conducting informal negotiations, seeking to settle the matter between the parties and without resorting to court. We are also skilled litigators with experience representing clients at all court levels.

We also help clients enforce debts, from instructing bailiffs to instigating insolvency proceedings against the debtor.

Our expertise is not just limited to debtors in England. We act on behalf of clients to pursue debts across Europe and beyond.

Find out more about our High-Value Debt Recovery service.

Breach of contract claims

When one party fails to uphold an agreement, it can be incredibly frustrating, disruptive and expensive for the other. Claiming for breach of contract can help the harmed party recover their losses and restore them to a favourable position, for example, by rescinding the contract or interpreting the construction of certain terms.

Our litigation solicitors advise clients in a broad range of breach of contract claims including breach of contract in:

  • Agreements involving business partners, directors, shareholders and companies, such as breach of articles of association, shareholders agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • Employment agreements, with particular expertise in advising high level executives and senior employees
  • Commercial contracts
  • Consumer contracts
  • Construction contracts and building contracts
  • Tenancy agreements and leases
  • International contracts

Media law, reputation and defamation claims

For any person, whether they live and work in the public eye or not, privacy and reputation is highly valuable and vital to protect. When someone threatens an individual’s reputation, whether through written or spoken word, our media law and reputation specialists are here to help.

We are esteemed for our expertise in this area, having represented a wide range of public figures, from politicians to sportspeople, as well as individuals occupying prominent positions in commerce and industry, in complex and often high-profile cases.

Our media law solicitors are dedicated to protecting our clients’ reputations. We advise on all aspects of privacy law, assist with reputation management and are skilled at making defamation claims.

Find out more about our reputation expertise and about making Defamation Claims.

We can only assist those with notable or high-profile reputations and you can find out more about our clients, here.

Professional discipline

We represent professionals in disputes with their regulatory bodies, including lawyers, doctors and healthcare professionals, financial advisors and accountants, and all other types of regulated professional.

We understand how serious a regulatory dispute can be for a professional’s reputation, career and personal wellbeing. Our professional discipline specialists can provide support during investigations and fierce representation at any tribunals or hearings. We also provide reputation management advice to help our clients minimise the impact of proceedings on their life and to keep the dispute as private as possible.

Within our team, James Saunders and Matthew Purcell are recognised experts in this field. Previous work includes successfully representing the former Director of Legal Affairs at News International before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in relation to the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

Find out more about our Professional Discipline expertise.

Professional negligence

High standards are expected of professionals in their line of work to the extent that a legal duty of care arises between the professional and their client. Where the professional’s advice or work falls below the expected standard, they breach their duty of care. If the client suffers a loss as a result, they may have a claim in professional negligence.

Our professional negligence solicitors bring and defend claims on behalf of individuals. We represent professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, architects and surveyors in defending claims, including negotiating out of court settlements and providing representation at court.

We also represent individuals who have suffered a loss at the hands of a professional they trusted. We will provide clear, pragmatic advice about our client’s prospects for making a claim and conduct the claims process on their behalf with the aim of achieving a positive outcome efficiently and cost effectively.

Find out more about our Professional Negligence expertise.

Fraud and asset recovery

Fraud is on the increase but falling victim to fraud or a scam does not necessarily mean the assets are gone forever. Our litigation solicitors assist individuals in the recovery of assets after fraud, both in the UK and internationally.

We can take action such as tracing assets and obtaining a range of court orders, including freezing injunctions to prevent fraudsters from disposing of assets and search orders to seize misappropriated assets.

We also defend individuals accused of civil fraud.

Find out more about our Fraud and Asset Recovery expertise.

International and cross-border disputes

We have extensive experience handling cases with international elements, including international debt recovery and pursuing the recovery of overseas assets.

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Our civil litigation lawyers have extensive experience acting for both claimants and defendants in complex, high value and often high profile contentious legal proceedings.

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