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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation is rarely a welcome way to resolve commercial disputes. Fortunately, with the right approach, it is often possible to secure a good outcome that protects a firm’s business interests without the need for court proceedings. If you manage a dispute worth over £250,000, our expert litigation solicitors can help.

For those situations where an amicable solution cannot be agreed upon, our clients trust our heavyweight commercial litigation solicitors to defend their priorities with drive and determination.

The right outcome for commercial disputes, in or out of court.

Saunders Law is a London law firm with renowned litigation lawyers offering vast experience in dealing with high value and complex commercial cases. With strong skills in negotiating out-of-court settlements and exceptional experience with court litigation, our team work proactively to secure positive outcomes in the right way for our clients.

Market-leading legal expertise. Flexible pricing to match budgetary requirements.

Our business dispute lawyers have been trained at some of the leading City law firms, allowing us to offer our clients truly commercial legal advice. However, as a specialist litigation law firm without the overheads of many other London firms, our fees can be kept much more competitive.

A commercially astute approach tailored to the dynamic needs of modern businesses

Our commercial dispute solicitors have earned a strong reputation for combining exceptional legal expertise with real world business acumen based on many years of successfully advising a wide range of clients. This allows us to offer a tailored approach to match a range of commercial situations and priorities.

Acting for firms of all sizes in the UK and internationally.

Our clients include large enterprises, such as foreign banks and major multinationals, as well as SMEs and start-ups both within the UK and worldwide. Our clients benefit from strategic, high-level advice and representation, including particular expertise with claims valued in excess of £250,000 - and typically starting at £1m. Find out more about our typical clients.

Exceptional service. Independently recognised expertise.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional commercial dispute resolution service for our clients, who will always receive a call back the same day following an enquiry and can always speak to one of our partners when required. Our team has been independently recognised for our market-leading litigation expertise with strong rankings in highly respected client guides the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

Speak to our commercial litigation and dispute resolution solicitors in London today.

For expert assistance with high-value commercial disputes, contact Saunders Law today for a free, no-obligation, initial discussion of how we may be able to help.

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Our expertise with all types of commercial disputes

We can assist with litigation and dispute resolution for a wide range of business disputes, including:

These and other commercial disputes can quickly escalate owing to the high stakes often involved, whether in terms of finance, business interests or reputation. Company directors, business owners and professionals, therefore, need commercially minded legal advice carefully calibrated to achieve the best possible result.

Our approach to commercial dispute resolution

We will work to find the best possible solution and will always look to avoid the time and expense that can be incurred by a court battle wherever possible.

Our commercial litigation specialists will also provide clear and open advice regarding the costs involved. We are adept at offering commercially attractive funding arrangements, which could include conditional fee arrangements, and we have excellent relationships with litigation funders.

Please be assured that we will always stick to any cost estimate we offer – it’s even part of our terms of business.

Drawing on over 40 years of knowledge and experience, our expert partner-led commercial litigation solicitors offer straightforward, commercially astute and practical legal advice.

How our litigation lawyers in London can resolve commercial disputes in the right way for businesses

Clear guidance on legal positions and options

Whatever the nature of a commercial dispute, our litigation experts can quickly and efficiently review the situation and provide clarity over a firm’s legal position. We can then discuss the various options available to work towards achieving a positive outcome.

Seeking an early resolution

The first step in seeking a resolution is to inform the other party of our client’s position, with reference to any relevant contracts or agreements and legislation and the outcome sought. Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors can draft a firm ‘letter before action’ setting out these details and what steps will be taken should a satisfactory conclusion not be reached amicably.

In many cases, this is all that is needed to secure an early resolution for a wide range of commercial disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Where there is the need for negotiation and compromise to achieve an amicable solution, we can offer a number of highly effective methods for resolving business disputes without the need for court proceedings.

These options include negotiation, commercial mediation and arbitration, all of which can be much faster, less costly and less acrimonious than taking matters to court, as well as keeping the details of a dispute private.

Find out more about our Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

Court litigation

While seeking an amicable solution out-of-court is generally our first approach, please be assured that our team will never back down from a fight where this is the right way forward.

If court proceedings are necessary, we use our extensive advocacy skills to tirelessly fight for our clients’ positions. Our commercial litigation solicitors have very strong court experience, having represented clients all the way up to the Supreme Court in the past with an excellent track record of success.

Examples of our successful commercial litigation cases

  • Advising a large property ownership and development company in relation to a dilapidation claim negligently settled by Surveyors
  • Assisting a global cosmetics brand to defend a threatened injunction to restrain its trade pursuant to a distribution agreement
  • Negotiating and drafting a complex settlement agreement between a major supermarket and a licence holder concerning rights over commercial property
  • Succeeding in a commercial contract appeal to the Court of Appeal regarding the inappropriate use of summary judgment by a High Court judge in a breach of contract/property claim worth £10million
  • Obtaining a last-minute, urgent injunction, preventing a container ship from departing Portsmouth, protecting millions of pounds of loaded assets

Commercial litigation and dispute resolution FAQs

How does commercial litigation and dispute resolution work?

Commercial litigation is essentially any type of legal action taken where there is corporate involvement. This legal action could relate to issues such as partnership disputes, contractual disputes, property disputes and other business disagreements.

For a commercial litigation case to be brought, one party has to set out their claim in a ‘letter before claim’ (normally prepared by a specialist commercial disputes solicitor). The party who has the claim brought against them needs to respond to the letter to confirm whether they accept the claim or not.

If the recipient chooses not to accept the claim, they have to provide reasons why, state which parts of the claim they’re disputing, provide any documentation to back their stance, and if they wish to make a counterclaim, they must provide details of it.

Once the claim is accepted or disputed, most parties choose to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to avoid the costs and damages to business relationships that going to court would bring. If successful, an agreement will be achieved, and both parties will walk away with their agreed settlement.

However, if nothing is achieved through ADR, the claim will be taken to court, and both the Claimant and the Defendant will need to prepare and file the necessary documents for the hearing.

Once a judgement has been made, the parties will be instructed on how to comply with the ruling by their individual commercial dispute solicitors.

What are the 4 types of dispute resolution?

There are various different approaches that can be used to resolve a commercial dispute. Which may be appropriate for any particular situation will depend on the circumstances.

Four key methods of dispute resolution that our commercial litigation solicitors regularly use are:


Many commercial disputes can be resolved quickly and privately through negotiation between the parties. This can happen at any point during the litigation process. Negotiation will usually be handled by your solicitor, perhaps by letter or telephone call. Alternatively, a round-table meeting between the parties and their lawyers may be arranged, where positions can be discussed and a settlement agreed.


Mediation is very commonly used for commercial disputes. It involves the parties and their lawyers meeting with a trained mediator who acts as a neutral third party to encourage a settlement. This usually takes place over a single day or half day and can be a very effective way of agreeing a settlement, allowing the parties to stay in control of the outcome.


Arbitration can be used where the parties cannot agree a settlement but would prefer to avoid the time, cost and publicity associated with court proceedings. An arbitrator can be appointed either by the parties or by a professional body that both sides have agreed on. They will hear evidence from both parties, then make a legally-binding decision to resolve the dispute. Both parties must agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision before starting the process.

Court litigation

Where a settlement cannot be agreed, litigants will need to turn to court proceedings to resolve their dispute. A hearing date will be set and each party will need to prepare their case with the support of their legal team. If their solicitors are qualified to do so, they may be able to represent the client in court, otherwise a barrister will be retained to provide representation for the hearing.

Want to know more about how commercial litigation works?

Read our guide: Introduction to Litigation

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